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What Is TPA?

TPA Stands For Third Party Administrator. It is intermediate between the policy holder and the health insurance company. It provides a supporting role to the insurer in terms of claim.


What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that provides the policy holder with coverage for medical expenses in case of a health emergency.


How To Get Smooth Cashless Claim?

If there is a medical problem and you need to be admitted, look at the list of network hospitals of your health insurance company in the area near you and select one.


What Is Network Hospital?

An important aspect of the cashless mediclaim process is the network hospital. Every health insurance company has a list of network hospitals.


What Is Room Rent Capping In Health Insurance?

The Sum Assured is the maximum value for one year that your insurance company can pay upon your hospitalization.


What Is Co-Payment In Health Insurance?

The co-payment amount is usually a fixed amount for various services and medicines, which vary depending on the nature of the treatment or medication required.


Claim Buddy

ClaimBuddy acts as one-stop solutions for Health Insurance Claim assistance for Patients and Hospitals. We are building an ecosystem to ensure Hassle-free insurance claims by leveraging technology, and a set of simple yet powerful processes and operations.


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